Where is the best place to sit at the Adelphi Theatre?

Where is the best place to sit at the Adelphi Theatre?

The best seats are towards the centre of each row, especially for the big musicals which are often housed at the theatre.

Is it better to sit in stalls or dress circle?

Sitting in the dress circle can allow you to feel immersed in the action of what’s on stage, but you are able to sit from a height so you can appreciate what’s going on at all levels, something which you may miss if you are sitting in the stalls.

How many seats are in the Adelphi Theatre?

Adelphi Theatre/Capacity

Can you take food into Adelphi Theatre?

Food & Drink: Snacks and drinks in plastic containers are allowed in the auditorium but hot food is prohibited, as is the presence of glass in the auditorium. Drinks purchased from the bar must be transferred into plastic cups before being taken inside the auditorium.

What is the McFly zone?

What is the McFly Zone? The McFly Zone is the front section of the stalls (rows A-D) – book seats here to be up close and personal with Marty McFly’s infamous band. Expect rock and roll volume in this area!

What time does Back to the Future musical finish?

Back to the Future The Musical has a run time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, including a 15 minute interval. For a 7:30PM performance, the show will finish at roughly 10:10PM.

How big is the Adelphi Theatre?

With a plush auditorium that seats over 1400, the distinctive art deco surroundings of the Adelphi Theatre can accommodate any large-scale conference or product launch.

Does Adelphi Theatre have a lift?

Getting into the Venue There are no customer lifts to the Dress Circle and Upper Circle, which must both be accessed by stairs. Staircases have handrails on both sides.

Can you take bags into Adelphi Theatre?

We may conduct searches of clothing, bags and other items on entry and exit at our theatres. 1.6 Customers should avoid bringing large suitcases or bags to the theatre as these may not be admitted and cloakroom availability cannot be guaranteed.