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What is Montagnolo Affine?

What is Montagnolo Affine?

Montagnolo Affine is a surface-ripened, triple cream cheese with a soft, velvety natural rind. This is a wonderful blue to try for those who may not be the biggest blue fans – as it comes with a delicious saltiness that’s hard not to like.

What kind of cheese is Montagnolo?

Montagnolo Affine is a blue, triple crème soft cheese made in the Allgau region of Germany. It is surface ripened and is marbled with blue veins and has a grey natural crust….Key Facts.

Age 6 Weeks +
Region Bavaria
Strength Of Cheese Medium
Style Of Cheese Blue
Style Of Cheese Creamy

Can you eat the rind of Montagnolo affine cheese?

Montagnolo Affine is a premium blue cheese made with pasteurised cows, it is gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians with an edible rind. It pairs well with red wines and we highly recommend to enjoy it with rustic bread or crackers or as a centrepiece for a cheeseboard.

How do you eat Montagnolo cheese?

As with most cheeses, we recommend that Montagnolo is taken out of refrigeration 30 minutes before being eaten, this gives a chance for the cheese to breathe and acclimatise itself. Enjoy with rustic bread or crackers or use as a centrepiece for a cheeseboard.

Is Montagnolo vegetarian?

Montagnolo Affine is a pasteurised soft blue cheese made with cow’s milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

Is Montagnolo lactose free?

Montagnolo cheese is a really gorgeous naturally Lactose free cheese (but don’t let that put you off!) from Germany made by Käserei Champignon. A very creamy blue cheese with a lovely gentle but rich blue flavour. Mould ripened, it won the Supreme Champion award at the 2013 International Cheese Awards.

What is a Scottish cheese?

A small, rounded full fat goats milk cheese that is pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians. It’s a beautiful little cheese named after the island situated off the Southern Ayrshire coast of Scotland. It is moulded to look like the island giving it its unique shape.