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Is Nobo a good brand?

Is Nobo a good brand?

The Nobo heaters are so effective and efficient at heating that at times the rooms were so warm that I turned the heaters off. Great product. I haven’t experienced any problems at all and even if the heaters last for “only” 10 years, I’ll still consider them to be a good buy.

How efficient are Nobo heaters?

Why is a Nobo electric panel heater so energy efficient? It is 100% efficient as all the energy used is converted to heating and there is no fan or moving parts which saves on running costs. The thermostatic cycling can save up to 50% on power costs and achieve high levels of temperature control.

Can you install Nobo heaters vertically?

When wall mounting, this heater must be mounted on a vertial wall. It also must not be mounted on the ceiling. This product is not suitable for use/installation in drying rooms or similar.

Where is Nobo made?

Norwegian Design Along the shores of the Trondheim fjord and in the valley of Stjør, you will find the City of Stjørdal (dal = valley). It is in Stjørdal that both the design and manufacturing of Nobo heaters takes place, leveraging from past manufacturing traditions since the original factory’s opening in 1918.

Are Nobo trailers good?

exceptionally light weight, versatile travel trailers that are towable by both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder tow vehicles. Both trailers pull with grace and confidence and both trailers fit nicely in most campsites. The No Boundaries line is Perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

Who makes no boundaries travel trailers?

Forest River RV
No Boundaries | Forest River RV – Manufacturer of Travel Trailers – Fifth Wheels – Tent Campers – Motorhomes.

How do I set my Nobo heater?

Setting temperature for current heat mode To set the desired temperature in the current heat mode (sun/moon icon in bottom left of screen), press the up/down arrows till you get the temperature you would like the heater to heat the room to.

Are Noirot heaters good?

As a truly reliable, field-tested, and customer-approved space heater, Noirot products are definitely worth it to meet the heat demands in most homes. Delivering premium technology at a premium price, Noirot Panel Heaters are a wise investment for a long-term heat solution.

Where are no boundaries trailers manufactured?

The NOBO trailers have only been around for about a year and a half and only just recently has inventory started to spread outside of Indiana and Ohio where they are manufactured.