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What does broad shoulders mean physically?

What does broad shoulders mean physically?

Wide shoulders are more square than round, and sometimes have a bony protrusion. They’re often associated with athleticism. Wide shoulders are usually strong, which can help you with everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects or playing sports.

What is the opposite of broad shoulders?

What is the opposite of broad-shouldered?

frail weak
inactive infirm
lazy lethargic
sluggish soft
unathletic unfit

What is the best synonym for broad?


  • expansive.
  • extensive.
  • far-reaching.
  • sweeping.
  • universal.
  • wide.
  • wide-ranging.
  • What is a wide shoulder?

    What are considered broad shoulders for a girl?

    from New York University. A fit woman is standing in the ocean with her arms outstretched. For the average 18-year-old female, the bicacromial or shoulder width is about 14 inches or 35 cm. For comparison, the average biacromial width is about 15 inches or 39 cm.

    What are narrow shoulders?

    A firm shoulder line… Narrow shoulders usually go hand in hand with curvy hips and in particular a pear shaped body. If the hips are naturally wider then the top half of the body will be slight and the shoulders can be sloping.

    What is the opposite broad?

    Opposite of large in area or width. narrow. tight. close. confined.

    What is wide spectrum?

    : a range of many different kinds The conference was attended by a broad spectrum of religious leaders.

    What are broad shoulders female?

    An easy way to tell is you have broad shoulders is to look at your shoulder width relative to the rest of your body’s proportions. Take a look at your upper body without a top on, if it looks like your upper body is a well-defined V silhouette then it’s likely you would be considered to have broad shoulders.

    Is broad shoulders attractive?

    A study by Cambridge University of more than 700 women found broad shoulders were the most attractive male asset. Why? Not only do big shoulders make you look strong but the wider you are up top, the thinner you appear at the waist, creating that V-shape that drives her wild.