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Which protocols does LoadRunner support?

Which protocols does LoadRunner support?

Following are the protocols that Load Runner can support are:

  • . NET Record / Display.
  • Database.
  • DCOM.
  • Network.
  • Oracle E-Business.
  • SAP.
  • SOA.
  • Web and Multimedia.

Which protocol should be used to determine performance of browser components in LoadRunner?

It is important for beginners to focus more on the scripting part. #2) Http/HTML is mostly used Protocol, for a start try to perfect this protocol. #3) Be sure to know the exact version of LoadRunner that you worked on.

Which protocol options does LoadRunner support for generating scripts from mobile applications?

It records the browser and native scripts that query the server with the help of http/html protocols. The whole process takes place at the transport layer of the TCP/IP model. Network traffic is recorded in a separate file called PCAP and then it is used to create a visual script.

What is runtime settings in LoadRunner?

Runtime settings define the way in which a VuGen script runs and logs/reports. Runtime settings can be defined in a VuGen script or in the Controller while running the test (Runtime settings in the Controller overrides the one set in the script).

Which component of LoadRunner will be used playback script in multi-user mode?

Controller component
Ans: The Controller component is used to playback the script in multi-user mode. This is done during a scenario run where a vuser script is executed by a number of vusers in a group.

How does Apache JMeter test native app performance?

Go to Jmeter -> HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder click Start (this would start the recording). Remember that the port in JMeter Global Settings and Mobile must be the same. Perform any actions on mobile devices and the user can see the actions getting recorded on JMeter.

What is parameterisation in LoadRunner?

Parameterization is a method to replace the hardcoded value like application URL, User Name, Password etc. with a parameter which has different input values. Example: You recorded a login page of an application by providing the credentials USER1 and PASS1. When you replay the script, the same credentials are passed.