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What does MATH 1314 consist of?

What does MATH 1314 consist of?

Prerequisites: A satisfactory score on a placement examination. Course Description: Quadratic equations, inequalities, logarithmic and exponential functions, graphs, elements of theory of equations, systems of equations.

What is Math 1314 College Algebra?

Course Title: College Algebra Course Description: This course is an in-depth study and applications of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, and systems of equations using matrices. Additional topics such as sequences, series, probability, and conics may be included.

What is the difference between math 1314 and 1414?

MATH 1414 is a 4 credit hour lecture course. MATH 1314 is a 3 credit hour lecture course. Either course will meet degree requirements. A student may receive credit for MATH 1414 or MATH 1314 but not for both.

What course number is calculus?

Math 2 and 3 are general mathematics courses at the precalculus level. Math 11A, 11B, 19A, 19B, 20A, 20B, 22, 23A, and 23B are the calculus courses. Math 21 (Linear Algebra) and Math 24 (Ordinary Differential Equations) are also needed for many majors besides Mathematics.

How many hours is Math 1314?

It includes the concepts of geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics with an emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking. (3 Lec.) MATH 1414 is a 4 credit hour lecture course. MATH 1314 is a 3 credit hour lecture course.

What is college algebra course number?

MATH 1213 – COLLEGE ALGEBRA. This course is a study of the systematic development of fundamental algebraic operations. Included in this development are systems of linear equations and inequalities; linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions; absolute value equations; radicals; and conic sections.

Is math hard in college?

College math is easily manageable and might even turn out to be fun if you follow our 10 tips for acing the math requirement: 1. Get in—and stay in—the right level. Colleges often have several levels of calculus and up to five versions of algebra.

What course number is college algebra?

MAC 1105 College Algebra (3)(A.A.) This is a rigorous introduction to the math concepts necessary for successful study of MAC 2233 or MAC 1140. This course is primarily a conceptual study of functions and graphs, their applications and of systems of equations and inequalities.

What course number is trigonometry?

MAC 1114 Trigonometry (3) (A.A.)