Is there going to be a 2021 Alameda County Fair?

Is there going to be a 2021 Alameda County Fair?

Event Details “We are thrilled to welcome guests back for our rescheduled 2021 Alameda County Fair this fall, October 22 through October 31. “The event will comply with all State and local health requirements.

How much are Alameda county fairs?

2021 Alameda County Fair Admission Tickets start at $18 for adults / $15 kids – Buy your tickets by October 21st to avoid ticket fees. 2021 Fair tickets are on sale now!

Who owns Alameda Fairgrounds?

California Authority of Racing Fairs
Alameda County Fairgrounds is owned by California Authority of Racing Fairs.

What time does the Alameda County Fair Open?

Purchase all Buy-Ins, Flash and Specials inside the hall with cash or major debit card. Doors open at 5pm. Games start at 6:30pm.

Are dogs allowed at Alameda County Fair?

Pets are not permitted on the Fairgrounds.

How long does the Alameda County Fair last?

nineteen days
The Alameda County Fair returns this Summer for nineteen days of all your Fair favorite fun. Experience the Fair like never before with new events, new rides and new Fair food experiences.

How many people go to the Alameda County Fair?

100,000 people
Despite chilly and sometimes stormy weather, more than 100,000 people attended the 2021 Alameda County Fair.

How many acres is Alameda County Fairgrounds?

267 acres
With 267 acres of lush trees, grass and wide open space we’re the destination to host your next success. Whether you need large building spaces, the entire grounds or an intimate, fully stocked spot to meet our Fairgrounds offers several solutions.

What is the meaning of Fairgrounds?

Definition of fairground : an area where outdoor fairs, circuses, or exhibitions are held —often used in plural with singular construction what a spot for a fairgrounds— W. L. Gresham.

Will the Fresno Fair Open in 2021?

2021 Big Fresno Fair COVID-19 Guidelines. Our Fair Management team has collaborated closely with the Fresno County Department of Public Health on health and safety guidelines for the 2021 Big Fresno Fair, as it returns to an in-person event.

What day is Senior Day at the Fresno Fair 2021?

Seniors Day Presented by UnitedHealthcare | The Big Fresno Fair | October 11, 2021.