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How much does a Dekton worktop cost?

How much does a Dekton worktop cost?

Thanks to their highly durable and compact qualities, Dekton is widely considered to be at the more luxurious end of the spectrum when it comes to costings. Typically a little more expensive when compared to granite or quartz worktops, Dekton often start around £40 per square foot.

How much is a slab of Dekton?

The average cost of a Dekton countertop installed is $65 – $95 per square foot.

What is the price of Dekton?

Pricing. In general, Dekton costs $60-$95/square foot, installed—and again, it has to be professionally installed. If you’d like to see how it looks in person and in your home, Home Depot has Dekton samples (ranging in size from 2″ x 4″ to 4″ x 4″) for about $10 each.

Is Dekton more expensive than Silestone?

Dekton comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, but so does Silestone, Cosentino’s quartz collection. The two are also priced similarly. Silestone ranges from $49 to $110 per square foot installed, while Dekton ranges from $58 to $96. We know, it’s on the expensive side; it’s the material’s biggest con.

Is Dekton better than Silestone?

Silestone vs. If you are looking forward to a worktop material for outdoor use, Dekton is the right option because this material can easily withstand hot or cold temperatures, as well as resistant to UV rays. On the other hand, Silestone worktop is widely available throughout the world at reasonable prices.

What is the thickness of Dekton?

Dekton is available in four thicknesses: 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, and now also in 30mm!

Can you put hot pans on Dekton?

Heat Resistance: Hot pans are no match for Dekton and can be directly placed onto its surface. UV Resistance: Ultra-resistant to UV sunlight, Dekton is the perfect choice for outdoor kitchen applications.

Does Dekton come in 3cm?

Dekton by Cosentino, the ultra-compact architectural surface with advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior application, presents 3cm thickness, a first-to-market thickness in the ultracompact surfaces industry. Dekton is available in four thicknesses: 8mm, 12mm, 20mm, and now also in 30mm!

Can a Dekton crack?

When Dekton® worktops are installed correctly by approved Dekton® installers, the chance of them chipping or cracking is very low. But to say Dekton® ‘easily’ chips, or that ‘cracks and chipping are common’ is just not true for regular everyday use when it’s installed correctly.

Can you scratch Dekton?

Dekton is so hard and scratch resistant, that cutting boards are not needed; although, not using them will wear your knives. The point is, you will not need to worry about scratching your Dekton surfaces.

Does Dekton come in 30mm?