What did the Indiana basketball players get suspended for?

What did the Indiana basketball players get suspended for?

Five members of the Indiana men’s basketball team were suspended “for disciplinary reasons” and did not play against Northwestern in Tuesday’s 59-51 loss. Those players were guards Xavier Johnson, Parker Stewart, Khristian Lander and Tamar Bates, as well as center Michael Durr.

What happened to Jay Edwards?

Edwards is back now, back in Indiana and looking to get back into basketball. His five-year goal is to work as a shooting coach for an NBA team. He’s started the process, working with high school kids in Muncie and running a youth basketball camp with Jones and Woody Austin, the 1988 Mr.

Where is Scott may today?

May invested in a couple of projects each off-season and now owns more than two thousand apartments in Bloomington. He is now known as one of the biggest apartment owners in the Bloomington area employing several hundred employees. May had two sons – Scott May, Jr.

Where is Kent Benson now?

Benson lives in New Castle with one of his four daughters, who has a chronic illness. He cares for her and helps tend to his parents, both in their 80s in nursing care.

Why are 5 players suspended for IU basketball?

EVANSTON, Ill. – Citing “disciplinary reasons,” IU coach Mike Woodson announced near tipoff that he had suspended five players for the Hoosiers’ game Tuesday night at Northwestern. “When you don’t obey the rules,” Woodson told Fischer, “you’ve got to do things you don’t want to do.”

Why were IU players suspended?

IU coach Mike Woodson announced Thursday the five players who were kept out of Tuesday’s game against Northwestern for a undisclosed violations of team rules (which Woodson strongly hinted were related to violation of Monday night’s road-game curfew) would be available for Saturday’s game.

Where is Lyndon Jones now?

Lyndon has been with Cummins Inc. for almost 6 years and holds the position of Director of Labor Relations for Southern Indiana. Lyndon and his wife Sophia currently reside in Fishers, Indiana with their two daughters: Lark Jones (11) and Lyricn Jones (10).

How old is Scott May?

67 years (March 19, 1954)
Scott May/Age

What year did IU go undefeated?

ESPN Classic – Knight’s 1975-76 Hoosiers were perfect. March 29, 1976 – Since the preseason, Indiana had been No. 1.

Is Quinn Buckner married?

Rhonda Buckner
Quinn Buckner/Spouse

Who did IU suspend?

Here’s what we do know. Indiana University men’s basketball coach Mike Woodson suspended five players — starters Xavier Johnson and Parker Stewart, as well as reserves Tamar Bates, Khristian Lander and Michael Durr — before Tuesday night’s game at Northwestern.