What scrunch means?

What scrunch means?

1 : crunch, crush. 2a : to draw or squeeze together tightly. b : crumple —often used with up. c : to cause (something, such as one’s features) to draw together —usually used with up.

What is the synonym of scrunch?

huddle, hunch, hunker (down), squat, squinch.

What is the meaning of crouching position?

To crouch is to bend your knees, pull your body in, and sit on your heels. This position is called a crouch. You might crouch down to pet a kitten or catch a baseball. The catcher in baseball stands in a low crouch, waiting for the pitch.

What does scrunched down mean?

To squeeze, crush, or crumple something into a smaller shape, size, or space. A noun or pronoun can be used between “scrunch” and “down”; often followed by “into (something).” I scrunched the note down into a ball and tossed it across the room to Jake.

What’s the meaning of Squinch?

1 : to screw up (the eyes or face) : squint. 2a : to make more compact. b : to cause to crouch down or draw together. intransitive verb. 1 : flinch.

What is the antonym of scrunched?

What is the opposite of scrunch?

unroll expand
untwist unwind
fan out open out
open up spread out
straighten out stretch out

Whats the meaning of stooping?

1a : to bend the body or a part of the body forward and downward sometimes simultaneously bending the knees. b : to stand or walk with a forward inclination of the head, body, or shoulders. 2 : yield, submit. 3a : to descend from a superior rank, dignity, or status. b : to lower oneself morally stooped to lying.

What is Creek in geography?

1 : a natural stream of water normally smaller than and often tributary to a river. 2 chiefly British : a small inlet or bay narrower and extending farther inland than a cove.

Is scrunched an adjective?

Examples of scrunched Some of these examples may show the adjective use. When they breathed out, it would be fine, but when they came back they scrunched. The turnout trousers, when not in use, are usually stored scrunched down around the boots for efficient and fast access when they are needed.

What is the difference between a squinch and a pendentive?

A squinch, the more basic of the two, is a wedge that fits into the top corner of a space. The use of four squinches turns a square into an octagon to support the dome, but they have a blocky appearance. A pendentive is more elegant, like a spherical triangle.

What part of speech is scrunched?

scrunch verb (CRUSH)