Does blitz still make gas cans?

Does blitz still make gas cans?

Blitz, based in Miami, Okla., and formerly the nation’s largest manufacturer of plastic gas cans, is now in bankruptcy and out of business, largely because of the lawsuits and previous payouts to victims of alleged gas can explosions.

Why did they change gas can spouts?

So in lieu of ethanol-free gas, I needed a better gas can, period. Many modern spill-proof cans incorporate a device in the spout that requires it to be depressed in order to allow gas to flow out of it. Since gas cans also lack vents, air goes in through the same spout that gas comes out.

What was wrong with Blitz gas cans?

In 2012, Blitz USA, once a leading manufacturer of portable plastic gas cans in the United States, closed its manufacturing plant in Miami, Oklahoma. Indeed, over 50 lawsuits were filed against the company, with plaintiffs claiming the gas cans caused explosions, severely burning and sometimes killing consumers.

Why did blitz go out of business?

Blitz was responsible for manufacturing a large portion of the nation’s gas cans. The company made 15 million gas cans each year and averaged three to seven lawsuits a year in 46 years of operation. The company blames the lawsuits and bankruptcy on the lack of protection in the gasoline can industry.

Are there any new yellow spout caps for the Blitz?

4 New Aftermarket Blitz Yellow Spout caps (fits Blitz Self-Venting 900302 900092 900094 spouts only). Note: This caps Will not fit Any Gas CAN. Only Fit Blitz Nozzles. . . . Usually ships within 9 days.

What is the replacement for the Blitz 900302?

2 – Mr. Yellow Cap Fuel Gas Can Jug Spouts Nozzles, Rings & Caps, replaces Blitz 900302 900092 900094 Old Style – Please Read Description Thoroughly Before Ordering! Thank You . . . .

How many caps are on a flexible gas spout?

Retail Pack Flexible Replacement Gas Spout with 2 Screw Collar Caps (1 Fine & 1 Coarse – Fits Most Of The Cans), 2 Base Caps, 1 Stopper Cap and 1 Stainless Steel Filter/Flame Arrestor. . . . . .

How does the spout on the fuel can work?

The spout is secured to the can by a locking nut and pin, so it cannot back out or come loose with everyday use. The thumb button release and safety trigger allow you to control the flow of fuel easily.