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How do I pay my Fifth Third auto loan?

How do I pay my Fifth Third auto loan?

Automatic payments through Auto BillPayer®. To enroll, contact us at 800-991-7771. Make a one-time payment through from an external account. Deposit customers can make automatic recurring payments online through

What is the interest rate for a car loan from Fifth Third Bank?

Auto loans through Fifth Third Bank are subject to credit review. Fifth Third Bank offers financing for auto loans between $2,000 and $80,000. It’ll provide loan terms between 12 and 75 months….

Monthly Payment Loan Term APR
$655.06 60 months 4.854%
$566.27 72 months 5.325%

How do I find out who my car loan is through?

If you got your financing through the dealer, or your lender transfers servicing rights to a third party, you can generally expect that you will receive a welcome letter from your lender or servicer giving you information about your loan.

Can I get a 3rd car loan?

Yes, so long as you qualify, you technically can have three car loans at the same time. Make sure you’re not overpaying for your car loan by comparing offers from multiple lenders to find the best option for your individual situation.

How can I check my Maybank car loan balance?

Maybank2u website

  1. Log in via
  2. Click ‘Loans’.
  3. Click on your hire purchase loan and you’ll be able to view your loan balance and more.

What happens after you get preapproved for a car loan?

When you get pre-approved for a car loan, you don’t have to get your financing through the dealership. They are known for offering the highest interest rates compared to other available options. Instead, you can take your time to review your options and select the best financing based on your credit and income.