What promise does Derek break in Season 10 episode 13?

What promise does Derek break in Season 10 episode 13?

Derek tells Meredith about his call with the President of the United States. Unfortunately, the leader of the free world’s plans may lead Derek to break his promise to Meredith about life at home.

What promise did Derek break?

Arizona’s bad day escalates when she advises a patient on a potential double amputation; Derek breaks a promise; Stephanie and Jo find an abandoned baby; the nonfraternization rule leads to a suspension.

Why was Derek sending money?

he didn’t die, but he’s immobile and requires around the clock care. that’s why derek sent his family money; to pay for his care.

Who was Derek Shepherd sending money to?

Oh, well, promises are made to be broken, right? (2) Derek has been secretly paying $3,500/month for 30 years to the family of Michael Boettcher, a high school hockey teammate he’d paralyzed accidentally with an errant slapshot that resulted in a brain bleed and put him in long-term care.

Does Alex Karev tell his dad who he is?

In the closing moments of the 200th episode, Jo (Camilla Luddington) revealed the results of Alex’s blood test, which conclusively proved that Cristina and Shane’s patient was his father.

Why was Derek Shepherd in jail?

The stress of witnessing his shooting caused Meredith to miscarry. Derek coped with the traumatic experience by speeding. He was arrested multiple times for speeding, which led to Meredith leaving him in jail overnight.

Does Arizona apologize to Karev?

Arizona planned an elaborate apology, but Alex told her to just say sorry, shaming her. While Arizona’s actions were questionable, you just don’t shame a friend like that.

Does Christina sleep with Shane?

Cristina Yang Shane and Cristina embarked on a sexual relationship after they worked together to save a patient and make medical history. After he spoke for her on the press conference about the procedure, she brushed him off when he proposed to have sex again, and told him they were not going to do that anymore.