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Who is Techland owned by?

Who is Techland owned by?

Techland S.A. is a Polish video game developer and publisher founded in 1991 by Paweł Marchewka….Techland.

Type Private
Key people Paweł Marchewka (CEO) Adrian Ciszewski (creative director)
Products Call of Juarez Dead Island Dying Light
Revenue 182.7M złoty (2018)
Total equity 101M złoty (2018)

Is CD Projekt Red Polish?

CD Projekt S.A. (Polish: [ˌt͡sɛˈdɛ ˈprɔjɛkt]) is a Polish video game developer, publisher and distributor based in Warsaw, founded in May 1994 by Marcin Iwiński and Michał Kiciński. The department responsible for developing original games, CD Projekt Red, best known for The Witcher series, was formed in 2002.

Who owns 11 bit studios?

CD Projekt
History. The company was officially formed on 11 September 2010, founded by CD Projekt and Metropolis Software developers and staff members. Currently, they employ approximately one hundred people.

What games use REDengine?

REDengine is the engine for games developed by CD Projekt RED studio for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It replaced the Aurora Engine originally licensed from Bioware and used for The Witcher.

Is Frostpunk coming to mobile?

Frostpunk: Rise of the City – Official Site Frostpunk: Rise of the City, the mobile version of Frostpunk, is a simulation game with survival game experience. Later this year, players will be able to access this elaborately-crafted post-apocalypse society survival game on both iOS and Android platforms.

Where is 11 bit studios based?

Warsaw, Poland
11 bit studios, based in Warsaw, Poland, is a multiplatform game development studio selling games worldwide. In 2010 we started with Anomaly Series, a highly acclaimed tower offense games, which received Apple Design Award and a number of other titles.