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What is advanced ITT in CA final?

What is advanced ITT in CA final?

Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (AICITSS) A student is required to complete successfully Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills(AICITSS) consisting Advanced Information Technology (Advanced IT) and Management and Communication Skills (MCS) Course each …

Is Advanced ITT compulsory for CA final exam?

In terms of Regulation 51E of the CA Regulations 1988, an articled assistant is required to undergo the Advanced ICITSS- Advanced IT course anytime during the last 2 years of his/her practical training.

How can I get advanced ITT certificate online?

The applicants can register through online portal by making payments of ITT/OC/GMCS Courses fee through Debit/Credit cards. After submitting the online registration, an applicant is required to take a print out of said form and submit the same with mentioned documents to the concerned POU.

Is Advanced ITT exam easy?

As long as he/she attends the class. Exams are not that tough. It is easy to clear the exams with basic knowledge of computer and accounting.

Is it compulsory to do advanced ITT?

Advanced ITT Course is compulsory as per Regulation 29(D). The fee for the MCS course and ITT Course is 7000 to 5000 and 7500 to 5500. This course is for CA final students, and after this course, the students get a membership certificate.

IS IT training compulsory before Articleship?

PS: It is mandatory for all students to complete Information Technology Training (ITT) and Orientation Program conducted by ICAI before starting Articleship.

How do I prepare for ADV ITT exam?

Go through the shortcuts of Excel, word, tally, PPT and access. If your teacher has marked any particular as important then study that too! No, you have to clear adv itt exam before appearing in CA final exams.

How do I pass advanced ITT exam?

Requirement for passing the Test

  1. A candidate for the Test shall be declared ordinarily to have passed the test if he / she secures a minimum of 40% (Forty Percent) marks.
  2. Those who pass will be given grades as follows:
  3. 85% and above=A+
  4. 70% to 84%=A.
  5. 55% to 69%=B+
  6. 40%-54%=B.
  7. No merit list will be declared.

How can I pass advance ITT exam?