What is Sid in TM Forum?

What is Sid in TM Forum?

The Information Framework (SID) is a critical component of the Open Digital Framework, the TM Forum’s blueprint for enabling successful business transformation. It provides standard definitions for all the information that flows through the enterprise and between service providers and their business partners.

What is TMF API?

TM Forum’s Open API program is a global initiative to enable end to end seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem based services. TM Forum is bringing different stakeholders from across industries to work together and build key partnerships to create the APIs and connections.

What is Sid in telecom?

A system identification number (SID) is broadcast by one or more base stations to identify a cellular network in a certain area (usually contiguous). This number sometimes has conflicts (see IFAST).

Which frameworks have up to date mappings?

This is the Business Services Map document which makes up part of the Business Services document suite. This guidebook presents mappings between/among the TM Forum Frameworx Business Process Framework (eTOM), the Information Framework (SID), Application Framework (TAM), and the Integration Framework (Architecture).

What are the benefits of Sid modeling pattern?

The use of modeling patterns to capture common structures and relationships makes the SID inherently extensible. The SID provides a standard way of structuring, defining, and implementing information and behavior. It provides consistent, common terminology and allows reuse of information technology investment.

Which domain exists Sid but not eTOM?

For these management areas, we can refer to the seven eTOM concepts which are Market/sales, Product, Customer, Service, Resource, Supplier/Partner, and Enterprise. SID has an additional specific domain called Common Business Entities (CBE) domain.

What is TMF ODA?

ODA is part of TM Forum’s Open Digital Framework (ODF), which includes the Open API initiative, a compliance certification program and tools to assist CSPs to move from their legacy systems to ODA-based solutions. The TM Forum expects compliance certification by 2021-2022 and wide commercial availability by 2023.

What is TMF standard?

The enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) from the Tele Management Forum (TMF) is a widely recognized industry framework. It is a business process framework for all processes of a telecommunications service provider.

What is TM Forum data model?

It provides a unified view of the business entities and data constructs related to the ODE APIs. The ODE Data Model is a SID based implementation model which can be used as the starting point for understanding, building and extending existing ODE APIs.

What are the common business entities in Sid?

The domains include concepts such as Market/Sales, Product, Customer, Service, Resource, Supplier/Partner, and Enterprise as shown in Figure 1.01 – SID Domains.

What are two things that the framework includes?

A framework may be for a set of functions within a system and how they interrelate; the layers of an operating system; the layers of an application subsystem; how communication should be standardized at some level of a network; and so forth.