What does DCC stand for Army?

What does DCC stand for Army?

Direct Commissioned Course (DCC) was established to augment the limited Army specific training for HPSP students. It was based on the principle that every officer should attend at least 12 weeks of officer training before being active duty in an officer role.

What is J1 J2 J3 military?

J1 – Director, Manpower and Personnel. J2 – Director, Intelligence. J3 – Director, Operations. J4 – Director, Logistics.

What does RFI stand for armory?

Request for Information (RFI) – The Military’s Most Important Unknown Program.

What is an Army Meddac?

US ARMY MEDDAC is a medical practice company based out of 7950 MARTIN LOOP, MARTIN ARMY COMM HOSPTAL FT. BENNING, Columbus, Georgia, United States. Industries Medical Practices. Company size 1-10 employees.

What is direct commission course?

The Direct Commission Officer Course, taught by E Company, 3rd Battalion, (Officer Candidate School) 11th Infantry Regiment, is a six-week course that provides commissioned officers with mental and physical skills to lead Soldiers in any operational environment.

What is J9 in the military?

In high-level tri-service, or joint, headquarters (JHQ), the department is termed “J9”.

What is J7 in the military?

Joint Chiefs of Staff > Directorates > J7 | Joint Force Development. ​The J-7 is responsible for the six functions of joint force development: Doctrine, Education, Concept Development & Experimentation, Training, Exercises and Lessons Learned.

What does AC mean in military terms?

The Army is composed of both an Active Component (AC) and a Reserve Component (RC). The AC consists of soldiers who are in the Army as their full-time occupation.

What does RFI mean in the Air Force?

Request for Information (RFI) for a United States Air Force (USAF) Special Access Program (SAP) Enterprise Information Technology as a Service (SEITaaS)

What does AA stand for in military police?

AA. anti-aircraft improvised explosive device incident. | S | AAA.

What is the Air Force ECAC program?

The program is for Airmen who will operate in high-risk environments that may place them at an increased risk of isolation. The new facility merges all Air Force ECAC training into one location under Det. 2, 22nd Training Squadron.

What does ECAC stand for?

Special operations recruiters from the 330th Recruiting Squadron were welcomed by survival, evasion, resistance and escape cadre from Detachment 3, 66th Training Squadron, to learn more about SERE’s Evasion and Conduct After Capture, or ECAC, course at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, June 3.

What does DCC stand for?

DCC: Defense Control Center: DCC: Document Capture Center: DCC: Department Computer Coordinators: DCC: Deputy Corps Commander: DCC: Digital Combat Chart: DCC: Dutch Connection Ceramics: DCC: Direct Current Control cabinet (AN/FSC-78B SATCOM terminal) DCC: DoD (Department of Defense) Common Console (air traffic control; US DoD)

What is ECAC training like?

“The training is for Airmen deploying throughout the combatant commands who will be operating outside the wire.” “Students will either attend ECAC en route to their deployment, or they’ll attend the training and return to their units before deploying.