What does the word likelier mean?

What does the word likelier mean?

(usually foll by an infinitive) tending or inclined; apt: likely to rain. 2. probable: a likely result. 3. believable or feasible; plausible.

What is the best definition of hydrophilic?

Describing something as hydrophilic means that it tends to be attracted to water or that it tends to easily dissolve in, mix with, absorb, or be saturated by water. Hydrophilic can also appear in a wide range of other fields, such as hydrophilic medicine.

Does likely mean yes?

You use likely to indicate that something is probably the case or will probably happen in a particular situation. Experts say a “yes” vote is still the likely outcome.

Is it most likely or likeliest?

“likeliest” and “the most likely” are both correct and mean the same thing. As with most synonyms, you would pick between them based on the rhythm and structure of the sentence you’re building.

Can you say highly likely?

There is nothing grammatically wrong with it. Though – as others have remarked – if it’s a sentence, it’s got to start with a capital “I”. “It is highly likely.” “Highly” is an adverb, and “likely” is an adjective.

What is hydrophilic example?

Hydrophilic means “water-loving.” Chemical groups that tend to make substances hydrophilic include ionic (charged) groups and groups that contain oxygen or nitrogen atoms. Starch is an example of a hydrophilic polymer. Cellulose fibers are hydrophilic due to the presence of -OH groups at their surfaces.

Does hydrophilic mean water loving?

…for water and are called hydrophilic (“water-loving”). Lipids, however, are hydrophobic (“water-fearing”). Some lipids are amphipathic—part of their structure is hydrophilic and another part, usually a larger section, is hydrophobic.

How do you use be likely?

Be likely to allows us to express a probable action: It’s likely to rain tomorrow. It is probably going to rain tomorrow. Is Bob likely to come?