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Which is better Kicking Horse or Revelstoke?

Which is better Kicking Horse or Revelstoke?

Kicking Horse is a bit busier and it’s really about skiing bowls and chutes. The upper bowls are a lot of fun but have found the lower mountain to be a bit of a snoozer. Overall there’s more intermediate and novice terrain avialable at KH than at Revelstoke so it’s a bit more well rounded.

What mountain range is Kicking Horse?

The resort, named after the nearby Kicking Horse River and Kicking Horse Pass, spans the easternmost slope of the Purcell Mountains overlooking the Rocky Mountain Trench. It is located roughly 7 kilometres (4 mi) east of Glacier National Park and 23 kilometres (14 mi) west of Yoho National Park.

Is Kicking Horse busy?

The Kicking Horse Mountain Resort slopes are not crowded, but if you want to completely get away from the “masses” and scores mountains of fresh tracks, you can head out heli skiing with Purcell Heli Skiing who are based out of nearby Golden.

Which is better Fernie or Kicking Horse?

both are rad, and usually have similar conditions…. ie if it snows at fernie its probably gonna snow at kh. either way you’re gonna have an amazing trip. The town at Fernie is better, but if the snow is really good, go to Kicking Horse, if it’s so-so the i would go Fernie.

How many runs does Kicking Horse have?

128 runs
The mountain consists of 1,260 meters (4,133 feet) of vertical; including 128 runs, 4 alpine bowls and 85 inbound chutes, spread over 2,825 acres of skiable terrain. Beginners who learn at Kicking Horse return again and again to experience the unparalleled conditions.

Is Kicking Horse Coffee Canadian?

Kicking Horse Coffee, a Canadian leader in the organic and Fair trade coffee segment, has grown in prominence in recent years through its extraordinary growth in both Canada and the US. Kicking Horse Coffee, Ltd., based in Invermere, British Columbia (Canada), celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.

Does Kicking Horse get a lot of snow?

Kicking Horse receives an annual average of 24 feet of powder and even higher amounts in the upper elevations. Combine that with the quality of snow produced here and you have the makings of bottomless turns in snorkel worthy conditions – welcome to the white room.

How far is Fernie from Kicking Horse?

Yes, the driving distance between Fernie to Kicking Horse Resort is 337 km. It takes approximately 4h 27m to drive from Fernie to Kicking Horse Resort.