What is special about promethium?

What is special about promethium?

Promethium is the only rare earth, radioactive metal on the periodic table, according to Chemicool. It can be produced by bombarding neodymium-146 with neutrons to become neodymium-147, which beta decays over its 11-day half-life into promethium-147, according to the Jefferson Laboratory.

What are the uses of the element promethium?

A little promethium is used in specialised atomic batteries. These are roughly the size of a drawing pin and are used for pacemakers, guided missiles and radios. The radioactive decay of promethium is used to make a phosphor give off light and this light is converted into electricity by a solar cell.

What kind of material is an element with an atomic number of 61?

Promethium is a chemical element with symbol Pm and atomic number 61. Classified as a lanthanide, Promethium is a solid at room temperature.

What is element 61 called?

promethium (Pm), chemical element, the only rare-earth metal of the lanthanide series of the periodic table not found in nature on Earth. (Earlier investigators thought that they had found the element with atomic number 61 in naturally occurring rare earths and had prematurely called it illinium and florentium.)

What is promethium worth?

Promethium-147 is available at a cost of about 50c/Ci.

How is promethium used in society?

Most promethium is used for research purpose. It can be used as beta radiation source in luminous paint, in nuclear batteries for guided missiles, watches, pacemakers and rados, and as a light source for signals. It is possible that in future it will be used as portable X-ray source.

What is promethium found in?


Is bismuth valuable?

Bismuth is a moderately priced metal, costing more than copper, lead, and zinc, but much less than gold or silver.

What is the boiling point of fermium?

Melting point of Fermium is 1527°C. Boiling point of Fermium is –°C. Note that these points are associated with the standard atmospheric pressure.