How long does the Settle to Carlisle train take?

How long does the Settle to Carlisle train take?

1 hour and 40 minutes
How long does the train from Settle to Carlisle take? The average journey time by train between Settle and Carlisle is 1 hour and 40 minutes, with around 16 trains per day.

How do I book Settle to Carlisle steam train?

If you wish to book a steam excursion, you will need to contact the operator direct. The Settle-Carlisle Railway Development Company, do not organise regular steam excursions on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle rail line. On occasion, we do provide special excursion events- both steam and diesel hauled.

How do you book the staycation Express?

Bookings for the Staycation Express can be made online at or by calling 01768 353200 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Can you take dogs on Settle to Carlisle railway?

Dogs (maximum two per person) must be on a lead, or in a secure appropriate carrying case. Animals (or their containers) must not occupy seats, or a charge will be made. The dog, or other animal, must not cause a nuisance or danger to other passengers. If it does, you may be required to leave the train.

Where is the Viaduct on the Settle Carlisle Railway?

Ribblehead Viaduct
The Ribblehead Viaduct or Batty Moss Viaduct carries the Settle–Carlisle railway across Batty Moss in the Ribble Valley at Ribblehead, in North Yorkshire, England. The viaduct, built by the Midland Railway, is 28 miles (45 km) north-west of Skipton and 26 miles (42 km) south-east of Kendal.

When was the Settle to Carlisle railway opened?

1st of May 1876
The line opened to passengers on the 1st of May 1876 and since then has stood the test of time. The Midland Railway became part of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) in 1923 when the small railway companies came together to form four large railway companies.

Can you walk across Ribblehead Viaduct?

There is a circular walk from the Ribblehead Viaduct over Whernside, one of the Yorkshire Three Peaks. The walk follows the ‘Three Peaks Walk’ path for most of its route, initially following the Settle to Carlisle railway line, before heading up on the path towards Dent.

Is Ribblehead Viaduct in Harry Potter?

Ride A Harry Potter-Themed Steam Train Through Yorkshire This Summer. The Harry Potter films are now as memorable and iconic as the books themselves. You’ll enjoy some of the most impressive views Yorkshire has to offer such as the Yorkshire Dales and the famous Ribblehead Viaduct as you head towards Carlisle.