Does MapInfo exist?

Does MapInfo exist?

Version 2019 of MapInfo Pro 64 bit was released in Nov 2019. Much extended SQL is a key new feature. The mother company is rebranded as Precisely by its new owner Syncsort.

What is MapInfo?

MapInfo Pro is the premier desktop geographic information system (GIS) software used by thousands of professional geospatial analysts. It provides thematic mapping, spatial querying, raster data manipulation, and map layout. It is a 64-bit, highly performant solution with a familiar Windows user interface.

What is location AI?

Location AI is a patent pending feature that enhances the DataRobot AutoML experience by incorporating a full range of geospatial modeling techniques. These include: Exploratory Geospatial Visualizations.

What is the MapInfo course?

This course will help you to start with Mapinfo Software and also help you to learn how to use Mapinfo efficiently and tasks that you could achieve from it. What is Mapinfo? What does it do?

What’s new in the new MapInfo discover?

The new version of Mapinfo Discover comes with many great features and improvements. After Datamine acquires Mapinfo suites from Pitney Bowes, the name now changed to Datamine Discover.

What types of databases does MapInfo support?

Mapinfo supports various database types such as PostgreSQL (PostGIS), Oracle Database, and MS Access Database. In the following section, you will find out some tutorials on how to connect Mapinfo Professional with the Database.

How do I import micromine string files to MapInfo?

If you have Micromine string files, you can easily import them to MapInfo with few clicks. In the following section, you can learn how to present your data. Mapinfo Professional comes with many tools that you can use to visualize your data. Create DEM (Digital Elevation Model) from points in Mapinfo Professional.