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What is the average UK salary for men?

What is the average UK salary for men?

Average annual earnings for full-time employees in the UK 1999-2021, by gender. In 2021 the average annual full-time salary for men in the United Kingdom was 33.4 thousand British pounds, compared with 28.3 thousand pounds for women, a difference of over 5.1 thousand pounds.

How much does the average 21 year old make UK?

In 2021 men aged between 40 and 49 were the highest full-time earners in the United Kingdom among different gender and age groups, with men of different ages consistently earning more annual pay than their female colleagues….

Characteristic Male Female
22 to 29 26,856 25,115
18 to 21 18,392 17,005

What is a good salary for a 28 year old?

What was the average and median income by age in 2021?

Age 25% Median
28 $25,000.00 $39,005.00
29 $24,615.00 $41,085.00
30 $25,000.00 $40,560.00
31 $28,000.00 $45,000.00

Is 30k a good salary UK?

30k a year would, should give an individual a comfortable life. It all comes down to lifestyle. £30,000 puts you into the top 60% of earners in the UK. So comparatively it is a good salary.

Is 40K a year a good salary UK?

40K is definitely good enough to support yourself, live relatively comfortably. The tax will take quite a good percentage off that which is quite a pain. I guess it won’t be enough to support a family very well if you live in the central London area, or higher investments like buying a house.

Can you live on 30k in London?

It is possible to live in London on 30k, I’ve done so for a few years before. you can still see people and make it work and have a lot of fun. Tip 1) House sharing.. whilst rents for nice places have no real upper limit, house sharing can see you get quite nice rooms in decent and sociable locations for less than £1k.