What is the texture of eclogite?

What is the texture of eclogite?

The eclogites are coarse grained. They contain omphacite (35–45%, Tables 2a and 2b), clinozoisite (0–35%), glaucophane (0–20%), phengite (5–20%), garnet (5–10%), quartz (0–15%), and minor amounts of titanite.

What type of rock is eclogite?

metamorphic rocks
eclogite, any member of a small group of igneous and metamorphic rocks whose composition is similar to that of basalt. Eclogites consist primarily of green pyroxene (omphacite) and red garnet (pyrope), with small amounts of various other stable minerals—e.g., rutile.

What is the parent rock of eclogite?

Eclogite metamorphism takes place in the mantle. The parent rock is ultramafic mantle material, such as peridotite. Eclogite is characterized by a pale green sodic pyroxene (omphacite) and a red garnet (almandine-pyrope), making it a striking rock.

How does eclogite get to the surface?

One possibility is that eclogite rocks are broken into fragments and somehow squeezed to the surface as tectonic blocks. Some models of subduction zones include a channel of soft serpentinite immediately above the subducting plate. In such a ‘mélange’ rigid pips of eclogite may be squeezed towards the surface.

What grade is eclogite facies?

Amphibolite facies: medium-grade metamorphism. Granulite facies: high-grade metamorphism. Blueschist facies: low-temperature/high-pressure metamorphism. Eclogite facies: high-grade metamorphism.

What is the importance of eclogite rock?

Eclogites are helpful in elucidating patterns and processes of plate tectonics because many represent oceanic crust that has been subducted to depths in excess of 35 km and then returned to the surface.

Is eclogite a foliated rock?

Eclogite GR 30c is a massive medium-grained rock, consisting of garnet, omphacite, glaucophane, epidote, phengite, apatite, quartz, and rutile. Garnet poikiloblasts occur as euhedral crystals, rich in inclusions such as titanite, epidote, apatite, and quartz. The foliation is defined by glaucophane and epidote.