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How Long Does rhinitis medicamentosa last?

How Long Does rhinitis medicamentosa last?

Rhinitis medicamentosa will last as long as the use of medicated nasal sprays or drops continues. The condition is caused by the overuse or misuse of these medications. Once use of the medications is discontinued, the condition usually goes away in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

How is rhinitis medicamentosa diagnosed?

Unlike hay fever, rhinitis medicamentosa usually doesn’t include itchy eyes, nose, or throat among its symptoms. Congestion is usually the only symptom. And if you continue to use your nasal spray, this congestion can last for weeks or even months. There isn’t a test to formally diagnose rebound congestion.

Is rhinitis medicamentosa real?

Rhinitis medicamentosa is a non-allergic form of rhinitis that is typically caused by prolonged use of topical nasal decongestants. This condition commonly affects young adults and treatment is not trivial.

Is rhinitis medicamentosa reversible?

Conclusion: Rhinitis medicamentosa with nasal congestion appears readily reversible with suitable treatment.

How do I get rid of rebound nasal congestion?

Rebound congestion treatment “One can use a nasal steroid (such as Flonase) to help limit the symptoms while the body recovers. In severe cases, an oral steroid can be prescribed, which may help.” Dr. Gels adds that saline spray might help to reduce the inflammation.

How do you treat Medicamentosa rhinitis?

The treatment of rhinitis medicamentosa is to stop use of the topical nasal decongestant. Treatment is often optimized by use of a nasal steroid spray.

How do you treat rebound nasal congestion naturally?

Add Moisture to the Air Running a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in your home or office is a simple and effective way to reduce nasal congestion, says Stringer. Breathing in humid air helps soothe irritated nasal tissues, lessens sinus inflammation, and thins mucus (which helps it drain), he explains.