What is the combination to the safe in Silent Hill 2?

What is the combination to the safe in Silent Hill 2?

The player receives a code with some normal numbers and some Roman numerals. Once again, the code is random and the following is just an example of a code: 11 >> X2 << 7 >> 3. If this were the code, the player would turn the dial to 11. They would then press right until 12, which is X2 (X=10, 10+2=12).

What is the box code Silent Hill 2?

Easy Difficulty The code is 7878. Use the Purple Bull key to open the box.

How do you do the coin puzzle in Silent Hill 2?

The Coin Puzzle is a Puzzle found in Silent Hill 2. More specifically, you can find it in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments. In order to solve this puzzle, you must find three coins in the Blue Creek Apartments and the Wood Side Apartments. They are the Coin [Prisoner], Coin [Old Man], and Coin [Snake].

How do you open the safe in Silent Hill Downpour?

Diner Safe Regardless of the difficulty, you choose to solve this puzzle on; code (26381) and dial position (42416) will remain same. Turn dial #2 one click to the left. Turn dial #4 two clicks to the left.

How do you open the box in Silent Hill 2?

To open the box, you’ll need four things: Lapis Eye Key….Easy Difficulty

  1. Use the Lapis Eye Key.
  2. Use the code from the “Imprint on carbon paper” on the keypad. The Code is 2421.
  3. Use the “Tern tern tern the number” note on the combination lock. The code is 7878.
  4. Use the Purple Bull key to open the box.

Where is the prisoner coin in Silent Hill 2?

the Blue Creek Apartments
The Prisoner Coin is a puzzle item found in Room 109 on the first floor of the Blue Creek Apartments in Silent Hill 2. After the cutscene with Angela Orosco and obtaining her knife, James Sunderland can find the coin on the nearby nightstand.

What is the code for the locker in Silent Hill Downpour?

The player can only use one code in a game. After entering a code, other lockers encountered will be opened and have the weapons in them again, including on a second or subsequent playthrough. Enter “171678” to unlock the nailgun and double headed axe. Enter “353479” to unlock the .