How do you increase Bioreactor efficiency?

How do you increase Bioreactor efficiency?

Each additional type of bio-material provided will increase the efficiency of all items by 10 mB. At maximum efficiency, the Bioreactor will produce 1440 mB of biofuel consuming 9 different bio-materials. Each operation will consume 2,000 RF from the work energy buffer.

How do you power a Bioreactor in Minecraft?

The BioReactor does not require any power, it only requires some sort of plant material. 1 plant (Seeds or Saplings) will create varying amounts of units in the buffer of the machine which can hold a total of 8000 units. Then it converts these units to BioFuel on a 1:1 ratio (unit:mB of BioFuel).

How does a biofuel generator work?

The BioFuel Generator is a machine added by the MineFactory Reloaded mod. It will generate energy when supplied with BioFuel or Ethanol, at a rate of 160 RF per tick. The generator has a fuel internal buffer of 4,000 mb and energy buffer of 10,000 RF. It can be an efficient way of generating energy.

How does a biofuel generator work Minecraft?

The Biofuel Generator is a machine added by Industrial Foregoing. It generates power when provided with Biofuel from the Bioreactor. Biofuel will produce 160RF/t, with one bucket (1,000 mB) of biofuel producing a total of 640,000 RF.

What items can you put in the bioreactor?

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What do I put in the bioreactor Subnautica?

Simply put, what you put inside the bioreactor matters. As it turns out, the best fuel sources for a bioreactor in Subnautica are all fishes. The best one is called the Oculus. As you can see above, the Oculus looks a lot like the common Peeper fish, only bigger and with large bioluminescent eyes.

How do you make BioFuel in Minecraft?

Biofuel is created in a Bioreactor from seeds, saplings, crops, and dyes. Biofuel can be used to generate power in the Biofuel Generator. It will inflict Speed and Haste status effects if it is consumed with a Straw.

What do I put in the Bioreactor Subnautica?

How efficient are biofuels?

Biodiesel provides 93% more usable energy than the fossil energy needed for its production, reduces GHGs by 41% compared with diesel, reduces several major air pollutants, and has minimal impact on human and environmental health through N, P, and pesticide release.

How do you power a biofuel generator in Minecraft?

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