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Can a computer think yes or no?

Can a computer think yes or no?

The computers we have built are now capable of thinking for themselves, and doing complex jobs without our supervision. In the decades since the Turing test was proposed, computers have become so intelligent that we often don’t realise when we’re talking to them.

Can computers think explain?

because thinking is a spiritual activity, and spirit is totally alien to matter ; (b) yes, machines can think, as shown by the fact that modern digital computers are able to perform the highest mental operations, which are the mathematical ones. ‘

Is it acceptable that computers will be grading your essays?

The computer will not grade a student’s essays as fairly as a teacher. The computer will also not give an effective feedback like how a teacher does to make students realize their errors and improve it next time.

What is the importance of using computer on your learning as a student essay?

A networked computer helps us with quick communication and allows us to access to web. Computer also helps us save papers by storing documents on computers in the form of soft copies instead of hard ones. Computer teaching plays a vital role in the modern education system.

Why is it that a computer Cannot think?

You can think about anything, and you can use the same computer to express your entire range of thoughts because computation is blind to meaning. Computation represents thought in the same way that a pen and paper can be used to represent thought, but computation does not generate thought and cannot produce thought.

Why computers Cannot think like humans?

The first is the human capacity for intuition. They say computers will never be able to think intuitively because they rely exclusively on rules, whereas humans, in addition, employ a subtle and sophisticated form of inference from experience. For example, humanists claim a computer could never be a good physician.

Why computers should not grade essays?

In 2013, the National Council of Teachers of English issued a position statement with a list of reasons for its opposition to computer grading of essays, saying that computers cannot recognize or judge key elements to good writing, including logic, clarity, accuracy, relevance, innovative style, types of persuasion.

What are the disadvantages of using computer in school?

The Disadvantages of Computers in Education

  • Technological Dependence. When computers and other technological tools are used constantly, students develop a dependence upon these tools.
  • Varied Computer Literacy.
  • Technologically Enhanced Academic Dishonesty.
  • Reduced Interaction.
  • Potential Dangers.

Can a human fall in love with an AI?

An AI — a computer hooked to video cameras, a microphone and a screen — would not experience flesh-and-blood love. “You can’t make a computer without a body feel love,” said David Havas, director of the Laboratory for Language and Emotion at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.