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What are concrete operational children?

What are concrete operational children?

Children are much less egocentric in the concrete operational stage. It falls between the ages of 7 to 11 years old and is marked by more logical and methodical manipulation of symbols. The main goal at this stage is for a child to start working things out inside their head.

What is the concrete operational stage of cognitive development?

The concrete operational stage is the third stage in Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. This period lasts around seven to eleven years of age, and is characterized by the development of organized and rational thinking.

Why is Piaget important?

Piaget provided support for the idea that children think differently than adults, and his research identified several important milestones in the mental development of children. His work also generated interest in cognitive and developmental psychology.

What are the main characteristics of the concrete operational stage?

The concrete-operational stage depicts an important step in the cognitive development of children (Piaget, 1947). According to Piaget, thinking in this stage is characterized by logical operations, such as conservation, reversibility or classification, allowing logical reasoning.

What is an example of concrete operational?

The concrete operational child is able to make use of logical principles in solving problems involving the physical world. For example, a child has one friend who is rude, another friend who is also rude, and the same is true for a third friend. The child may conclude that friends are rude.

What does the concrete operational stage focus on?

What happens during concrete operational stage?

In the third, or concrete operational, stage, from age 7 to age 11 or 12, occur the beginning of logic in the child’s thought processes and the beginning of the classification of objects by their similarities and differences.

What toys are good for concrete operational stage?

Appropriate toys for Concrete Operational stage are number games, logic games, crosswords puzzles, remote control toys, STEM toys. The aim is to develop logical thought processes and learn about how things work.