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Was the bat in the office episode real?

Was the bat in the office episode real?

The hosts welcomed their former costar Kate Flannery onto the podcast to discuss the hilarious scene. The group revealed that three bats were used in the scene — including a live mammal! “Yes, we had a real bat with five handlers,” Flannery, who played Meredith on the show, said during the podcast.

What episode does Meredith get attacked by a bat?

Watch this scene from Episode 9, “The Sound of Silence,” and don’t miss Grey’s Anatomy THURSDAYS 8|7c on ABC. Meredith takes Webber’s advice to heart, and agrees to meet the patient who attacked her. Bailey escorts Meredith to meet him.

What is the funniest episode on the office?

“Diversity Day” The Office Season 1, Episode 2.

  • “The Alliance” The Office Season 1, Episode 4.
  • “Office Olympics” The Office Season 2, Episode 3.
  • “The Fight” The Office Season 2, Episode 6.
  • “The Injury” The Office Season 2, Episode 12.
  • “Booze Cruise” The Office Season 2, Episode 11.
  • What happens in the office Season 3 episode 16?

    In this episode, the office attends Phyllis Lapin’s (Phyllis Smith) wedding to Bob Vance (Shafer), and Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) becomes upset with how many similarities there are between her canceled wedding and Phyllis’.

    What did they use for the bat in The Office?

    Whenever you see a bat flying around the office, that was a CGI bat. The bat used in the scene where Dwight puts a bag over Meredith’s head was mechanical.

    Did they use stunt doubles in The Office?

    A stunt double was used for the scene when Meredith set her hair on fire. But just how did The Office manage to pull off such an intricate stunt? The writer revealed that a stunt double was utilized so as not to endanger Kate Flannery, who played Meredith.

    What happened to Meredith Season 12 episode 9?

    “The Sound of Silence” revolves around Meredith Grey who is brutally attacked by a patient, and sustains numerous injuries. The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial rush to help her recover from the injuries and remain by her side in the harrowing aftermath.

    Who is Toby’s girlfriend at Phyllis wedding?

    At the time of her appearance, Janine Poreba was Paul Lieberstein (Toby)’s girlfriend. They married in 2008.

    Who catches the bouquet at Phyllis wedding?

    2 Toby Introduces His Date To Kevin Toby brings an unbelievably gorgeous date to Phyllis’ wedding. She ends up catching the bouquet after Ryan knocks it out of Kelly’s hands and gives it to Toby.