What does the Defend Hawaii sticker mean?

What does the Defend Hawaii sticker mean?

On its Web site, Defend Hawaii says its AR-15 assault rifle logo is “often questioned, but is the strongest symbolized statement for the word DEFEND. It’s not to provoke violence, but to figuratively suggest protection by the highest means.” The company’s designs have also been toned down.

Where is Defend Hawaii located?

Defend Hawaii is at Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu.

Who Owns Da Hui?

06-dahui-CPhotoInfoMI1PM53R20060406ix9x39ncLINDA NGUYEN / DAILY PILOT(LA)Surfers Sunny Garcia, left, and Kala Alexander are the founders of the Da Hui surf clothing company, which recently relocated to Costa Mesa.

Who started Defend Hawaii?

The original creator (who remains nameless) got the idea for the logo from Defend Brooklyn, a small underground street brand, and she sold shirts at fights out of the back of her car. Malone bought Defend Hawaii in 2009.

What does Aloha J mean?

Jason Momoa Announces “Aloha J” Clothing Line to Raise Funds For Ocean Protection. A good cause and good clothes to raise awareness and respect for Hawaiian culture, our traditions and our environment,” Jason writes on Instagram.

Is Da Hui still active?

Although Da Hui is currently more focused on community outreach and building their clothing brand, the Black Shorts are often recognized as one of the first groups to enforce the unwritten rules of surf breaks in Hawaii.

Are surfers territorial?

Surfers are usually known to be laid-back, easy going types. That’s true in some cases, but surfers can also be violent and highly territorial. Violence can happen for a number of reasons, but most fights stem from overcrowded waters. Like most gangs, it’s usually about defending territory.

How do you dress like momoa?

Momoa’s biggest style asset is that he simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks – he wears what he wants on his own terms. Case in point; this half cowboy, half homeless man ensemble of brown leather mountain boots, what seems to be two pairs of pants, a Black Sabbath t-shirt, and a long charcoal double-breasted coat.

Who Owns Da Hui clothing?

actor Jason Momoa
Hawaii-born actor Jason Momoa is bringing his passion for ocean conservation to fashion with a new clothing line with North Shore surf brand Da Hui.