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What did Lou Gehrig accomplish?

What did Lou Gehrig accomplish?

Gehrig scored more than 100 runs and recorded at least 100 RBI for 13 straight seasons in a career that featured just 14 seasons as a regular player. He led the American League in runs four times, home runs three times, RBI five times, on-base percentage five times and batting average once.

How long did Lou Gehrig live after he retired from baseball?

The disease forced him to retire at age 36, and claimed his life two years later….

Lou Gehrig
Runs batted in 1,995
New York Yankees (1923–1939)
Career highlights and awards

What awards did Lou Gehrig win?

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig Awards
Lou Gehrig Awards
1934 Sporting News Most Valuable Player Award
1934 Triple Crown
1936 Most Valuable Player Award (BBWAA)

Why is Lou Gehrig’s speech important?

Gehrig’s “Farewell Speech” is one of the most recognizable speeches not only in sports, but in history. He had nothing prepared before he got up to the microphones, he simply spoke from his heart. 70 years later, Major League Baseball is honoring Gehrig and raising awareness for the disease that now bears his name.

Did Lou Gehrig actually have ALS?

Brain Trauma, ALS, and CTE with Motor Neuron Disease. On June 3, 1941, Lou Gehrig died at age 36 of what was thought to be amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. The famous New York Yankee was forced to retire from baseball as a result of the disease two years earlier.

What is the tone of Lou Gehrig’s speech?

“Lou Gehrig develops and keeps an optimistic and positive tone throughout the entirety of the speech. His flippant attitude toward the issue inspires the audience to be envious of his life and not worry about Gehrig’s situation.