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What is ABEK1 Filter?

What is ABEK1 Filter?

ABEK1 filter in plastic housing for 3M half and full face masks. Protects against inorganic and organic gases and vapours with a boiling point >65 °C, sulphur dioxide, acidic gases and vapours, ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.

What are p3 filters made of?

Filter casing made of aluminium. Can be combined with respiratory half masks and full-face masks with standard thread connection.

What do P3 filters protect against?

Class P3 particulate filters are used for protection against highly toxic or highly irritant particulates e.g. beryllium (when worn with a full facepiece).

Do P3 filters protect from fumes?

P3 masks. FFP3 dust masks protect against high levels of dust and solid and liquid aerosols. P3 masks are the minimum required face masks for all chemical fumes. Every user of the half-face respirator with the P3 cartridge filter can get an array of advantages when compared to users of a disposable dust mask.

What is A2 mask?

3M 6055 A2 filters provide Organic Vapour protection at a higher concentration than traditional A1 respirator filters. Provides protection against Organic Vapours with a boiling point above 65°C. A2 protection filters higher concentrations than A1 filter.

What is a P2 filter?

What is P2 Rating? P2 is a respiratory filter rating under the AS/NZS1716 standards for use in Australia and New Zealand. Protects against mechanically and thermally generated particles. Sub-micron thermally generated particles e.g. welding fumes, fertilizer and bushfire smoke.

What is A2 filter?

Is P3 the same as N95?

The N95 is the USA equivalent of the European P2 and P3 masks with the P3 offering the higher protection. The N95 mask has a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of >95% @ 0.3 micron. Masks are intended for use in infection control practices.

What does a P3 mask protect against?