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What does EMVI mean?

What does EMVI mean?

Extramural venous invasion (EMVI) is defined as the presence of tumour cells in the vasculature beyond the muscularis propria.

What is intramural vascular invasion?

Intramural vascular invasion (IMVI) was defined as the presence of large vessel invasion in the submucosal and/or muscular layer. Venous invasion beyond the muscularis propria was considered extramural vascular invasion (EMVI). [

What is venous invasion?

Venous invasion (VI) is a well-established independent prognostic indicator in colorectal cancer (CRC). Its accurate detection is particularly important in stage II CRC as it may influence the decision to administer adjuvant therapy.

What is EMVI in cancer?

Extramural vascular invasion (EMVI) is the direct invasion of a blood vessel (usually a vein) by a tumour. In rectal cancer, this can occur on a macroscopic level and be detected on staging MRI.

What is the meaning of perineural invasion?

Abstract. Perineural invasion (PNI) is the process of neoplastic invasion of nerves and is an under-recognized route of metastatic spread. It is emerging as an important pathologic feature of many malignancies, including those of the pancreas, colon and rectum, prostate, head and neck, biliary tract, and stomach.

What is mesorectal fascia?

The mesorectal fascia is a layer of connective tissue enclosing the perirectal fat that surrounds the rectum. It is an important anatomical structure in rectal cancer staging, as it forms the circumferential resection margin for the non-peritonealised portion of the rectum.

What is Lymphovascular invasion?

Lymphovascular invasion (LVI), which is defined as the presence of malignant cells within vascular or lymphatic spaces, is the major prerequisite for cancer progression and distant metastasis development [4-6].

What are mesorectal nodes?

Mesorectal lymph nodes refers to lymph nodes that are present in the mesorectal fascia. Their assessment is important in the staging of colorectal tumors such as rectal cancer and anal cancer.

What is perirectal fat?

Summary. location: envelopes the perirectal fat which surrounds the rectum within the pelvis. boundaries: extends from the beginning of the rectum to levator ani. contents: perirectal fat which contains the superior rectal artery and branches, superior rectal vein and tributaries, and lymph nodes and vessels.