Does Liberty Online have lectures?

Does Liberty Online have lectures?

Most online courses last 8 weeks, while a select few are 14-17 weeks. Specific programs also require some 1- or 2-week on-campus intensives. Residential degree programs are primarily completed through participation in face-to-face, lecture-format courses on Liberty University’s campus.

How long is a semester at Liberty University Online?

SEMESTER LOAD AND OVERLOAD The Liberty University Online semesters consist of several sub-terms. Most sub-terms are 8-weeks or 16-weeks in length, and may begin and end at different times within the semester. The usual semester load for full-time undergraduate online students is 12 hours per semester.

Is Liberty Online Academy considered homeschooled?

With LUOA, you’re not just homeschooling — you’re transforming your home into a private Christian school. You want your student to have all the benefits of a private education while providing a Christian learning environment and value system. That’s what we offer — the best of both worlds.

Does Liberty University do online classes?

Liberty University’s online programs are widely recognized for academic quality, affordability, and accessibility. Online bachelor’s degrees are offered in areas such as business, education, information technology, criminal justice, psychology, and religion.

Can Liberty online students use the gym?

Liberty University Online and residential graduate students are eligible to purchase LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center memberships during the times they are financially checked-in and enrolled in classes.

Does Liberty University have a summer semester?

Liberty’s Online Course Format Unlike traditional academic schedules that offer courses in the fall and spring semesters, Liberty University’s online academic calendar provides the flexibility of 3 semesters: fall, spring, and summer.