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Where to stay in Ruaha National Park?

Where to stay in Ruaha National Park?

Jabali Private House in Ruaha National Park provides luxurious accommodation for private groups booked on an exclusive basis. One of Ruaha’s most luxurious camps, Jabali Ridge nestles among kopjes and baobabs, with beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Are Night Safaris allowed in Ruaha?

Night safaris are not permitted. Due to the high numbers of elephant in Ruaha some camps have chosen not to operate walking safaris. Those that do ( Kwihala, Jongomero and Kigelia) have some superb guides and can offer amazing walking safaris.

Why stay at Ruaha River Lodge in Tanzania?

To have wildlife literally on your doorstop without having to go on a game drive was wonderful: one day we just sat on our verandah watching a herd of 30 elephants drinking at the river opposite. Unforgettable expereince, loved every minute I loved my stay at Ruaha River Lodge – spent 3 nights there as part of my Southern Tanzania trip.

Where is Ruaha National Park in Tanzania?

Ruaha National Park. Located at the heart of Tanzania, Ruaha is the ‘other park’ on the Southern circuit. Ruaha’s relative inaccessibility means it gets far fewer tourists than the Selous and less than any comparable park in the Northern circuit.

What makes Ruaha National Park so special?

Varied and scenically stunning, Ruaha National Park features rolling hills, woodlands, open plains and two wide meandering rivers: the Ruaha and the Mwagusi. What better way to view it than from the air, at sunrise?

Why book a bushcamp in Ruaha?

Two authentic bushcamps offer access to Ruaha’s remote wildernesses. Explore the heart of the park’s best game-viewing as well as its largely untouched eastern fringes in almost utter isolation. Walking safaris, day and night 4WD drives, fly-camping and superb guiding heighten your immersion in nature.

Why choose asanja Ruaha Ndembo?

Asanja Ruaha Ndembo is a smart new safari lodge in a picturesque setting overlooking the Great Ruaha River. Ikuka is a stylish lodge-style safari camp set high on an escarpment with spectacular panoramic views over Ruaha National Park.