What zone is Claymont SEPTA?

What zone is Claymont SEPTA?

zone 4
Claymont station

Fare zone 4
Closed 1982–1990
Rebuilt 1991

How much is the Wilmington Newark line?

WILMINGTON/NEWARK line Train fare SEPTA Rail WILMINGTON/NEWARK (#228 – Center City Philadelphia) ride fare is between $3.75 and $9.25. Prices may change based on several factors.

Does SEPTA Regional Rail go to Delaware?

The Wilmington/Newark Line is a route of the SEPTA Regional Rail commuter rail system in the Philadelphia area. The line serves southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware, with stations in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, Wilmington, Delaware, and Newark, Delaware.

Does septa go to NJ?

SEPTA customers have easy access to Newark and New York by transferring to NJ TRANSIT Northeast Corridor rail service at Trenton Transit Center, which recently underwent a $79 million renovation.

Is Wilmington close to Newark?

The total driving distance from Wilmington, DE to Newark, NJ is 117 miles or 188 kilometers. It ends in Newark, New Jersey. If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving time from Wilmington, DE to Newark, NJ so you can see when you’ll arrive at your destination.

What time does the train leave from Wilmington to Philadelphia?

You can take the earliest train from Wilmington, DE to Philadelphia at 4: 42 AM or take the last train from Wilmington, DE to Philadelphia leaving at 7: 34 PM.

How much is the train from Philly to Delaware?

The quickest way to get from Philadelphia to Delaware is to train which costs $1 – $75 and takes 20 min.