How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Key West?

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Key West?

From $225 (includes general admission) Swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys! During Theater of the Sea’s Swim with the Dolphin program, you can touch and interact with a dolphin while swimming and snorkeling around the lagoon and while doing behaviors such as dorsal tows, hugs,and foot pushes.

Where in the Florida Keys can you swim with the dolphins?

Have you ever wanted to swim with the dolphins in the Florida Keys? Hawks Cay’s ocean-fed saltwater lagoon is home to a friendly pod of bottlenose dolphins and the Dolphin Connection program. Unique experiences allow guests the opportunity to view, interact and learn about the dolphins and Florida’s marine ecosystem.

Can you go swimming with the dolphins in Key West?

In the choose-your-own-adventure spirit, visitors to Key West have two options for diving in with dolphins: swimming with wild ones during a boat tour, or dolphin interaction programs with captive critters. Wild Dolphin Adventures is one company that offers wild dolphin swims.

Where is the best place to see dolphins in the Florida Keys?

Key Largo and Islamorada are hotspots for wildlife watching, while pods are also seen swimming in the waters off the shore at Key West. You’ll find plenty of dolphin-watching tours in the area, where you can combine dolphin watching with sunset cruises and snorkeling adventures.

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins?

Swimming with Dolphin opportunities are available at several warm water vacation spots, including Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and the Bahamas. Typical costs: A simple shallow-water interaction[1] costs about $80-$145, depending on the resort location and the dolphins’ behavior.

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins in Florida?

Miami Seaquarium- Dolphin Odyssey

Ticket Type Retail Price
Adult $234.33 $221.61
ChildPrice is the same regardless of age. $234.03 $221.61
Adult observer rate onlyAdult Observer rate only $62.05 $55.84

What time of day are you most likely to see dolphins?

— The best times of day to spot dolphins are around sunrise, mid-morning (between 10 a.m. and noon), and mid-afternoon (between 2 p.m. and sunset). — Please do not feed or attempt to touch our friends. This is illegal, and it also poses a threat to the dolphins themselves.

Are there dolphins in Key Largo?

Dolphins Plus offers a variety of marine mammal interactional swimming programs, including Guided Natural Dolphin Swims, Structured Dolphin Swims, and Shallow Water Encounters.

Do dolphins mate for pleasure?

Unlike many other animals, dolphins do not mate purely for procreation. Rather, these highly social and intelligent animals have sex for pleasure as well. Further, this means they can have sex throughout the year, rather than being limited to a mating season.