What is SMD LED lights?

What is SMD LED lights?

SMD stands for Surface Mounted Devices, a special type of high power LED lights. With no wires, these devices provide less fuss and with seamless application. Instead, SMDs have tiny metallic contacts that can be directly soldered to circuit boards. Kingbright’s vast selection of SMD LEDs are sure to fit your needs.

Is SMD better than LED?

One of the biggest improvements is that SMD spotlights offer a higher lumen output for a lower energy consumption – making them more powerful and energy efficient than older LED lights. This is because they work on the principle that fewer and larger SMD LEDs produce a greater lumen output.

How do SMD LEDs work?

SMD LEDs are rectangular in shape and consist of three cells. These cells contain a luminescent element (semiconductor crystal) that produces light when current flows through it. To protect the SMD cells, resins are used to completely cover the upper part.

Which is better COB or SMD?

SMDs are more efficient than COBs because the light source produces higher lumens per watt, which means that they produce more light with a lower wattage. They produce a wider beam of light which is spread over a greater area.

What voltage are SMD LEDs?

Product Specification

Usage/Application General Purpose Lighting
Application Tube Light, LED Bulb, Panel Light
Current(mA) 150ma
Lumens(LM) 60-65LM
Voltage(V) 3.0-3.4V

Can you touch LED diodes?

Since LEDs produce light through electroluminescence rather than heat, it is fine to touch them with bare hands. That being said, it’s best not to handle them any more than absolutely need to. I’ll also be exploring why this doesn’t apply to LEDs, and setting out a full list of bulbs that shouldn’t be touched.