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Where do boreogadus Saida live?

Where do boreogadus Saida live?

This species is found further north than any other fish (beyond 84°N) with a distribution spanning the Arctic seas off northern Russia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. This fish is most commonly found at the water’s surface, but is also known to travel at depths greater than 900 metres (3,000 ft).

Who eats polar cod?

ringed seals and ivory gulls eat the cod, and polar bears eat the seals, leaving leftovers for the gulls to scavenge. the cod feed on the plankton that thrive around nearshore ice.

Where does Arctic cod come from?

Its range is between 85° and 72°N latitude. Arctic cod can be found at depths of up to 1000 m, and frequently under ice. Fish earlier attributed to the East Siberian cod are found off the western half of the Canadian coast and the coasts of Siberia and also off the northern and southern coasts of Greenland.

What is the scientific name for Arctic cod?

Boreogadus saida
Boreogadus saida/Scientific names
[Available from: https://www.fisheries.noaa.gov/resource/document/age- determination-manual-alaska-fisheries-science-center-age-and-growth.] Biology. Arctic cod (Boreogadus saida) is a highly abundant, trophically important pelagic fish species inhabiting Arctic and sub-Arctic marine ecosystems.

Do Arctic cod eat algae?

Phytoplankton and ice algae are eaten by zooplankton, and in turn, zooplankton are eaten by polar cod, seabirds, and the bowhead whales. This shows how both phytoplankton and zooplankton are an incredibly important food supply to the rest of the Arctic’s ecosystem.

Are Arctic cods carnivores?

Many are carnivores and scavengers. – Arctic Cod – A fish species that lives in ocean waters at the edge of ice floes, where it feeds on smaller fish, phytoplankton and, once older, crabs and mollusks.

Does cod live in Arctic?

Habitat. Arctic cod are thought to range farther north than any other fish. Inhabiting arctic waters circling the pole, they seem to prefer colder temperatures (0 to 4 degrees C), though they are occasionally found in warmer regions.

What eats Arctic cod?

Arctic cod eat krill and other aquatic invertebrates. Ringed seal eat arctic cod, as well as other fish. Walrus eat bottom-dwelling organisms such as clams.

Do polar bear eat Arctic cod?

Ice-adapted algae grow on the underside of the ice, which krill feed upon. Arctic cod and other fish species eat the krill, which are in turn consumed by ringed seals, the most abundant seal in the Arctic and the primary prey of polar bears. They’ll also eat fish, shellfish, waterfowl, eggs, rodents and hares.

Are Arctic cod carnivores omnivores or herbivores?