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Is there a fire in northern New Mexico?

Is there a fire in northern New Mexico?

The 2021 New Mexico wildfire season began in February 7, 2021….

2021 New Mexico wildfires
Total area 121,277 acres (49,079 ha)
Cost Unknown
Deaths 1

Where is the smoke in New Mexico coming from?

Experts say the smoke is mostly coming from wildfires in California, and conditions should improve in the coming days. An air quality alert for most of Northern and Central New Mexico, issued Sunday as heavy haze from western wildfires drifted into the area, created concerns for vulnerable residents.

How did the Ruidoso fire start?

The wildland fire started April 26 near the Three Rivers Campground and spread quickly to the Ski Apache area due to dry, windy conditions. It prompted evacuations, highway closures and smoky skies until it was largely contained a month later.

Why is it so smoky in New Mexico?

9, 2021, at 10:27 a.m. ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Residents in northern New Mexico are waking up Monday morning to smoky air mostly due to wildfires in California. An air quality alert from Albuquerque environmental regulators deeming the air’s current state as unhealthy remains in effect until noon.

Why is it so hazy in New Mexico?

The haze is from smoke that’s winding its way in a circular pattern away from northwest and into New Mexico, said David DuBois, state climatologist for New Mexico. A combination of high- and low-pressure systems is resulting in the smoke moving southward into New Mexico.

How did Three Rivers Fire start?

The lightning-sparked KNP Complex Fire raging through Sequoia National Park continued to spread Friday, with total acres burned reaching 11,365. The fire, which erupted Sept. The entire park is closed to the public, while nearby Kings Canyon National Park remains open.

Is the fire in Ruidoso contained?

The Village of Ruidoso said the fire had burned 25 acres and is now 25% contained.