Can you hit the net on a serve in badminton?

Can you hit the net on a serve in badminton?

The starting point of any badminton match, the service of the shuttlecock is an art in itself. If the server’s shuttle touches the net or goes out of bounds of the court, the receiving player/side wins the point.

What happens if the birdie hits the net in badminton on a serve?

The shuttlecock, or birdie, must be below the waist on a serve 2. On a serve, the feet of the server must remain stationary and the shuttlecock must be served served underhand. It is legal if the shuttlecock hits the net and goes over except on a serve.

Is it a fault when a badminton player racquet touches the net when playing?

The rule makes the exception that if you’re playing a shot and as you play the shot your racquet passes over the net then that is not a fault. As long as you hit the shuttle after it has passed the net then it is legal for your racquet to go over the net.

What is an illegal serve in badminton?

A serve that touches the net as it travels over and into the correct service area is considered a good serve. A balk or fake move by any player is illegal. The server and the receiver must stand within the serving and receiving courts.

Is it a violation to double hit the shuttlecock?

Once your racket makes contact with the shuttle, you cannot hit it again until your opponent returns the shot. In doubles: Only one player in a partnership is allowed to hit the shuttle. If both players touch the shuttle with their racket, it’s a double hit.

What happens if the player touches the net during play?

Net Service Is In Play. A served ball that hits the net does not result in the service team losing its serve. The net serve is considered in-play, unless 1) it does not continue over the net or 2) lands outside the opposing team’s court-side untouched by the opposing team.

What are the rules in serving shuttlecock?

Players must serve diagonally across the net to their opponent. As points are won then serving stations move from one side to the other. There are no second serves so if your first serve goes out then your opponent wins the point. A serve must be hit underarm and below the servers waist.

Why do I keep missing the shuttlecock?

The most vexing things about playing badminton are missing the shuttlecock or playing inaccurate shots. The main cause of these situations is that a player is too anxious to play a shot before they are even in position.

What is a badminton fault?

Faults. The rules of badminton consider the following as faults: 1. If the shuttle lands outside the boundaries of the court, passes through or under the net, fail to pass the net, touches the ceiling or side walls, touches the person or dress of a player or touches any other object or person.

What happens if you serve above the waist in badminton?

When you have placed your racket below your waist, moving it slightly upwards above your waist and then swinging it to make a service is also a foul.

Is underarm serve allowed in badminton?

In badminton, the serve must be hit in an upwards direction, with an underarm hitting action. You are not allowed to play a tennis style serve. The main rule here is that when you hit the shuttle, it must be below your waist. In other words, you can serve from a bit higher than the top of your shorts, but not much.

What are the fouls in badminton?

When the shuttle is at your side of the court and you hit the shuttle twice, it is a foul. In badminton doubles, only one player in a partnership is allowed to retrieve the shuttlecock.