Why are my dimmable LED lights buzzing?

Why are my dimmable LED lights buzzing?

While most LED lights are dimmable, a common complaint is hearing a buzzing sound coming from the lights when they are dimmed. The cause is almost always a compatibility issue between the dimmer and the LED’s driver (power supply). CL dimmers will eliminate the buzzing on most brands of LEDs, but not all.

Why does my light make a buzzing noise?

Buzzing can occur no matter what type of lightbulbs you are using, whether you’ve got incandescent bulbs or LED bulbs. Buzzing can be caused by electrical shorts or loose fixtures. However, the most common reason your lights are buzzing is the voltage being applied to the bulb.

How do I stop my dimmer from buzzing?

Upgrading Your Dimmer Switch If you’re wondering why your dimmer switch is still buzzing, it may be that it is rated too low for the task, and is being overtaxed by the combined bulb wattage. Try taking a few bulbs out of the switch circuit and see if it reduces the buzzing.

How do I stop my LED lights from buzzing?

When encountered with the buzzing problem, turn off the dimmer switch and remove the LED bulb that causes the buzz. After removing it, replace it with any LED bulb of a similar type and wattage. Turn on the dimmer switch and observe.

Do all dimmer switches buzz?

Here’s a fun fact: Almost all dimmers hum. When the room is absolutely silent, and the bulbs have been dimmed down to less than 50%, you put your ears close to the dimmer switch. Chances are, you will hear some buzzing or, at the very least, humming.

How do you fix a buzzing light?

To work around this, replace the bulbs with lower-wattage CFLs or LEDs. Upgrade your dimmer or ballast: Cheaply made dimmers and magnetic ballasts are likely to cause buzzing. Installing a higher-quality replacement may be necessary to stop your light bulbs from making this annoying sound.

How do I stop my LED dimmer from buzzing?