Are the G42 and G43 the same size?

Are the G42 and G43 the same size?

The first thing you’ll notice about the Glock 42 VS 43 is the size difference. Looking at the two pistols side by side, they have comparable dimensions, except the G43 is slightly wider (G43 1.06″ vs. G42 0.98″ Wide) and taller (G43 4.25″ vs. The G42 has a compact size advantage, although the G43 isn’t much bigger.

Whats the difference between Glock 43 and 42?

In this Glock 42 vs 43 comparison, we’re going to cover the details of both these guns….Size: Is there a Difference?

Metrics Glock 42 Glock 43
Height (top of slide to bottom of magazin baseplate) (Inches) 3.99 4.10
Length (Inches) 5.96 6.26
Width of grip (Inches) 0.88 0.92
Width of slide (Inches) 0.83 0.87

Can you pocket carry a G42?

Registered. The G42 is a fair amount lighter and it should work for pocket carry, it’s a whole 6 ounces lighter than the Shield and that’s a big difference. It is not that much shorter though and I believe it’s on the larger end of the pocket pistol spectrum when compared with some of the cheaper pistols.

Is Glock 43 smallest Glock?

It also takes other double-stack Glock magazines with a magazine sleeve, so you can use a bigger stick in practice or as a backup. The Glock 43 is the smallest. The Glock 43X, on the other hand, gives you the thin frame and easy concealment of the 43, but is more shootable than the 26 or 43 given the longer grip.

Is Glock 43 good for self defense?

The Glock 43 is one of the top options for self-defense. One is that your carry weapon is light and easy to conceal and two, that your weapon has the firepower to save your life in a defensive scenario. Glock pistols are some of the most popular carry guns out there because they check both of those boxes.

Does Glock 42 have extended magazine?

The Glock 42 magazine with extension sports an extended floor plate that enlarges the grip of the G42 pistol, making it more comfortable to handle. The new extended magazine is made out of metal and covered by a polymer coating, like all Glock magazines. The single stack magazine capacity is 6 rounds.

What is a G43 handgun?

The already legendary G43 is a GLOCK Single stack, 9 mm Luger caliber pistol. It is ultra-concealable, accurate and a fantastic tool for all shooters regardless of one’s hand size. The grip has a built-in beaver tail design which allows the shooter to acquire a high and tight grip.