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How far apart do joists need to be?

How far apart do joists need to be?

Floor Joist Spacing: How Far Apart Are Floor Joists in a House? Floor joists are typically 12”, 16”, or 24” apart in a home. Most common spacing for floor joists is 16” o.c.

How far can metal web joists span?

Joists are most commonly used at 600mm centres, but can span further at 400mm centres – why not use our joist span table to help you calculate the possibilities?

How far can EASI joists span?


easi-joist® Joist Depth Maximum Joist Span
WS300 304mm 7000mm
WS400 417mm 6875mm
WS400 417mm 7300mm
WS400 417mm 7650mm

How far apart should flat roof joists be?

Flat roof joists are conventionally cut from standard C16 or C24 treated softwood, or less commonly can comprise manufactured I-joists or Posi-joists. They’re normally spaced at 400mm or 600mm centres and in most cases will span the shortest distance between the walls.

Can you cut metal web joists?

These may range from traditional solid timber joists to manufactured joists with timber or metal webs. Where the property contains metal web joists as shown in Fig 2, no notching, drilling or cutting in either the timber flanges or the steel webs is permitted.

Can you cut EASI joists?

easi-joist® is designed to allow for easy accommodation of electrical, plumbing, waste water and other services required within the floor joist area with no cutting or notching required. cut, notch or drill the timber chords.

What is easy edge joists?

About this product. Tanalised, easi edge joists can be used to build a frame to support decking boards as well as many other tasks. We recommend to space the joists every 450mm apart and lay them the opposite way to the decking boards.

Can I use 4×2 for floor joists?

4×2 timber floor joists on the ground floor have been used for decades but should be no more than 16 inch or 400 mm centres and be supported at no more than 2 metre centres , 6ft or 1.8 m is preferable and practical .