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What are the flood prone areas in the province of Bulacan?

What are the flood prone areas in the province of Bulacan?

The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDRRMO) of Bulacan reported that Paombong town has 15 flooded barangay (villages). Five villages in Guiguinto, four in Marilao and five in Balagtas were also submerged in floodwater. Meycauyan City and five more towns – Bulakan, Hagonoy, Bocaue, Calumpit, Sta.

What municipalities in Bulacan are highly susceptible from flooding?

On the other hand, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Office (PDRRMO) of Bulacan reported that some villages in Meycauayan City, Bulakan, Sta. Maria and Marilao were flooded.

Is Bulacan prone to flooding?

According to various studies, Bulacan also experiences rapid land subsidence or the sinking of land due to excessive groundwater extraction. Subsidence and rising sea levels because of the global climate crisis leave Bulacan communities vulnerable to severe flooding.

Is Sta Maria Bulacan flood prone area?

Most of the barangays in the municipality of Santa Maria have low susceptibility to flooding. Those with portion with moderate to high susceptibility to flooding are located along the Santa Maria River and near or adjacent to creeks that are tributaries of the Santa Maria River.

Is Bulacan prone to earthquake?

In Bulacan in the Philippines, about 46.4 percent of the land was prone to ground shaking in the likelihood of an earthquake in 2018. The province is one of the top ten densely populated provinces in the Philippines and has a total population of around 3.3 million.

What are the areas in Bulacan prone to ground shaking?

Renato Solidum said that although the site of the proposed “New Manila International Airport” in the coastal areas of Bulakan town is far away from any fault system, it is prone to strong ground shaking and liquefaction. San Miguel Aerocity Inc., a subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation (SMC).

Does it flood in Pandi Bulacan?

Note: There is a 1/5 (20%) probability of a flood with 5 year return period occurring in a single year. The Rainfall Intesity Duration Frequency is 243.100mm.

Where are the areas of high susceptibility to flooding?

Constituents living along or near rivers, creeks, water channels and coastal areas are also at high risk to flooding hazards while those living on sloping areas and along foot slope of mountains are susceptible to rain-induced landslides.

Why is Palawan rarely hit by earthquake?

Lagmay believes Palawan is stable largely because the island was once part of continental Asia which separated around 100 million years ago and drifted toward the Philippines. “The crust of the island is thicker and older and, therefore, not as prone to earthquakes,” said Lagmay.

Is San Jose del Monte Bulacan a flooded area?

Several barangays in the town were inundated with floodwater when the Bocaue river overflowed. MALOLOS, Philippines — Several barangays in San Jose del Monte, Sta. Maria, Bocaue and Marilao were submerged in floodwaters several feet deep yesterday.