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Is Zaheer more powerful than Tenzin?

Is Zaheer more powerful than Tenzin?

Tenzin as an airbender was superior even to Aang, and the only Airbenders known to be superior to him are Zaheer after unlocking flight and Guru Laghima, inventor of flight.

Is Zaheer a better airbender than Aang?

While Aang is a better Airbender on a technical level, Zaheer has years of real combat experience as a nonbender and an uncharacteristically ruthless streak for an Airbender.

What episode does Tenzin fight Zaheer?

9 Tenzin vs Zaheer – “The Ultimatum”

Is Zaheer The most powerful airbender?

Zaheer gave Korra the fight of her life, causing her trauma from which she did not recover for years. He held his own against multiple opponents, including multiple bending masters and the Avatar herself. Besides the Avatar, Zaheer was easily the most powerful airbender that the world had seen in a long time.

Can Aang defeat Zaheer?

Aang would won easily. He had the other elements and the Avatar state to back him up. He even has energy bendng to take Zaheer airbending away Even if Zaheer had his Friends and the Mercury Poison Aang would still won due to his great spirituality like every Avatar.

How did Zaheer learn airbending?

Zaheer developed the ability of flight through the teachings of Guru Laghima, becoming the first airbender in four thousand years to do so.

Is Bolin underrated?

Bolin is underrated because he is really just a big old teddy bear who loves people and being open with others. Even though he worked under Kuvira for a period of time, his morality never wavered and his friends stood by his side to help him.

Why is Zaheer so good at air bending?

So even when he was a non-bender, he knew all about air-nomad philosophies. In addition to his knowledge, he also learned martial arts, specifically martial arts that are used in air bending. That is why he became such a strong airbender within days on gaining his airbending.

How did Zaheer learn Airbending?

What season is Zaheer in?

Zaheer, voiced by former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins, is no exception. Yet, Korra’s season 3 enemy is an outlier in the pantheon of Avatar villains: Representing anarchy, he works in a collective, and his end-goal is freedom, not power.

Who is the greatest airbender of all time?

4 Monk Gyatso Aang referred to his mentor/instructor/father figure, Monk Gyatso, as “the greatest Airbender in the world”, and it’s clear that his declaration has not been affected by his bias towards the old man.