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Is Hynix RAM better than Samsung?

Is Hynix RAM better than Samsung?

Both companies run reputable Memory businesses (SK Hynix is very well known, as is Samsung). As such, generally Memory from reliable businesses are all of high quality and can be trusted to run at least home-based workloads. The quality of the memory won’t be that different between the two companies.

Is Hynix DDR3 RAM good?

Excellent ! 2GB DDR3 1333(9) UDIMM already on mother board. Now installed with this Hynix 4GB DDR3 RAM . Working excellently.

Is Hynix a good ram brand?

Is Hynix a good RAM brand? – Quora. Short Answer- Yes, Hynix is a major RAM manfucturer. They provide RAM for many module makers, and even graphics cards makers. Yes Hynix makes good RAM and memory chips but that doesn’t mean that third parties always make good DIMMs with Hynix chips.

Is Hynix and SK Hynix same?

The company began as Hyundai Electronics Industries, established in 1983 by South Korea’s Hyundai group. In 1999, the company acquired LG Semiconductor from South Korea’s LG group. It changed its name to Hynix Semiconductor in 2001. It changed its name to SK Hynix in 2012.

Which is better Hynix or Micron?

SK Hynix with $36.2 bln is the 4th largest, and Micron is 5th with $30.9 bln. Micron is based in the United States, while Samsung and SK Hynix are based in South Korea….DRAM Oligopoly.

Company Market Share (%) Market Share squared
SK Hynix 29 841
Micron 22 484
HHI 3,261

Which RAM is better Hynix or ADATA?

All things equal Hynix definitely beats ADATA in terms of RnD, brand value, customer satisfaction, After Sales and to an extent even in build quality.

Is Crucial or Hynix better?

Testing again with ATTO Disk Benchmark, which measures speeds with progressively larger files, the SK hynix Gold S31 outperforms the Crucial MX500 with almost every size. On the other hand, the Crucial 250GB SSD has a 100 TBW, the 500GB SSD has a 180 TBW, the 1TB drive has a 360 TBW, and the 2TB drive has a 700 TBW.

Who uses Hynix RAM?

(KRX: 000660) is a South Korean memory semiconductor supplier of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) chips and flash memory chips. Hynix is the world’s second-largest memory chipmaker (after Samsung Electronics) and the world’s 3rd-largest semiconductor company….SK Hynix.

Native name 에스케이하이닉스 주식회사

Can you mix Crucial and Micron RAM?

I have not seen it where there is a significant difference in price between Micron/Crucial and Kingston. It is not required but I like to have memory sticks matching as closely as possible. Yes, do NOT buy memory from the computer manufacturer. As long as the specs are the same, it should be ok.

Is Crucial RAM compatible with Samsung RAM?

As long as the memory you buy has the same specs as the original one, it should work just fine.