How much does a Vermeer 3650 weigh?

How much does a Vermeer 3650 weigh?


Drill Stem 2.75″ diameter x 15′ 7 cm
Torque 4928 ft-lb 6681 Nm
Type Firestick II
Weight (15 ft Drill Unit): 143 lb 65 kg
Weight 21920 lb 9943 kg

How much does a Vermeer 36×50 weigh?


Displacement 276 cu-in 4.5 L
Weight 81 lb 36.7 kg
Weight 19,800 lb 8981 kg
Width 82″ 208 cm

What is the max pullback force of Vermeer 36×50 SII machine?

The Vermeer 36×50 Series II comes with 4500ft-ib of rotary torque and 16.9 tons of thrust/pullback, the highest power-to-size in its class, powered by a 140hp John Deere turbocharged engine and weighs in at 13.29 tons.

How much does a Vermeer 40×55 weigh?

Item Specs

Specifications [Show Full List]
General Dimensions and Weights
Height (With Cab) 92 ” (233.7 cm)
Weight 22380 lbs (10151.4 kg)
Weight (Cab Option) 26110 lbs (11843.3 kg)

Who owns Ditch Witch?

The Toro Company
The Charles Machine Works Inc
Ditch Witch/Parent organizations
(February 15, 2019) – The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held The Charles Machine Works, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation and the parent company of Ditch Witch and several other leading brands in the underground construction market, for $700 …

How much does a jt10 weigh?


Length (ft/in): 12′ 2″
Width (ft/in): 4′ 0″
Height (ft/in): 6′ 2″
Operating weight (lbs): 7,100

Is Ditch Witch a franchise?

Charles Machine Works is itself a subsidiary of Toro Company, the latter acquiring them in 2019….Ditch Witch.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Perry, Oklahoma , U.S.
Products Trenchers, Directional Drilling Machines
Parent The Toro Company