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Why did Pope Francis go to Syria?

Why did Pope Francis go to Syria?

Pope Francis has called for an “urgent” solution to the Syrian conflict at the start of a three-day visit to the Middle East. The tour’s official purpose is to improve ties with the Orthodox Church but many will expect Pope Francis to use his influence to try to ease tensions in the Middle East.

Is it safe for refugees to return to Syria?

Based on evidence of widespread, ongoing abuses, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees continues to maintain that Syria is not safe and advises all refugee host nations not to force anyone to return.

What are the 2 countries that have the most refugees from Syria?

In 2020, Turkey was the country that hosted the highest amount of Syrian refugees. They amounted up to 3.68 million refugees as of the numbers available for 2021. Lebanon was second and was hosting 851 thousand Syrian refugees.

Why did the pope go to Iran?

In 1979 Pope John Paul II sent envoy to Iran to help to solve the Hostage Crisis. In 2008 relations between Iran and the Holy See were “warming”, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “said the Vatican was a positive force for justice and peace” when he met with the Papal nuncio to Iran, Archbishop Jean-Paul Gobel.

Where is Pope Francis visiting?

Francis Begins Visit to Iraq, in ‘Duty to a Land Martyred’ The pope’s four-day trip is intended to nurture ties with Shiite Muslims and encourage a Christian population decimated by years of strife.

Which country hosts the most refugees?

Turkey hosts the largest number of refugees, with 3.7 million people.

Is Damascus safe in 2021?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Though Damascus is considered dangerous for everyone, it is currently probably the safest are in Syria. Life goes on as before there, and the biggest risk comes from the dangers of war, not crime.

Is it safe to go to Syria now?

The security situation remains extremely volatile. Do not travel to Syria due to the extremely dangerous security situation. Armed conflict is ongoing and air strikes, kidnappings and terrorist attacks are common.